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 Show & Shine 

Applications for Show & Shine 2024 are now closed... however...


Should we have any additional space become available we will keep your application on file to contact should needed.


We provide additional Secuirty overnight following set up and with increased security during the live event period in 2024.

no touch policy

We clearly advertise a no touch policy along with announcement during the event. Anyone who doesn't follow this will be removed from the venue and banned from future shows.

Plenty of space

We provide plenty of room around all display vehicles to allow a large amount of space for visitors to walk around vehicles.

on demand  support

Both event ogranisers and venue staff are available throughout the whole event should you need any support or have any issues.

Please ensure you upload the best images of your vehicle as possible for us to review and for the best chance to be accepted into our indoor show & shine or outside plaza area.

By applying for Show & Shine you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  • All display vehicles must be available to arrive on the Saturday (day before the show) from as early as 10:30am.

  • All vehicles should have around a 1/4 of a tank of fuel.

  • All vehicles must be clear of any oil leaks, if you do have a leak whilst on-site please inform a member of the team for clean up.

  • Once parked up you must remain with your engine off until the show is finishes on Sunday evening.

  • After the show is finished, we will inform you by the team when you can leave and you will be directed to the exit route (expected around 4:45pm, Sunday).

  • No vehicle movement can take place at any time, and you will not be able to remove your vehicle until the show is finished and you're directed to leave.

  • Vehicles must have their own insurance and the driver must have a full UK driving licence.

  • The Ultimate Show & the venue have a number of measures in place to protect vehicles but take no responsibility for loss or damage.

  • We ask that you 'Don't Be A D*ck' when arriving & leaving our event, the area is covered by CCTV and connected to the council and police. Along with this police are undercover in the area monitoring those leaving the event and they will also be on site during the event.

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Apply For Display

Please complete this form to be considered for our Show & Shine.

Applications will be considered for our Indoor Display plus our Outdoor Plaza. If selected a ticket will be required.

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Thanks for submitting! Please ensure you add us to our emails '' as we will be emailing you with an outcome to your application which will require a response and any additional steps regrading your arrival information. Please note we may not respond until after the deadline date so please bare with us. Lots of love x

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